SERVICE - Our services at a glance

Customer service

Voegtle has many years of experience in repairing of mechanical as well as hydraulic presses. We provide:

  • 70 years' experience in inspection and overhaul activities of presses of all brands
  • adjustments at latest safety requirements and government regulations
  • quick appointments and reliable checks
  • service and complete solutions

Security checks according to DIN EN 692 and DIN EN 693

The security for the members of a company has to be the highest priority as well as ethically and legally required. To preserve the general safety and to avoid risks, regularly checks and maintenance are very important. We offer you professional execution of security checks according to DIN EN 692 and DIN EN 693 and safety regulation for production sites.

Advantages of regularly checks by Voegtle Service:

  • immediately assistance because of an interruption
  • minor repairs performs directly on site
  • the possibility to check varied brands from the same service contact to reduce costs
  • a documentation of each successful security check
  • remind you of deadlines and appointments
  • appointment allocations for repairing bigger damages as soon as possible

Putting into operation

Including commission of the equipment at the production site, if customers request.

Spare parts and repairs

We make it possible to produce your needed spare part at any time, in fact of our machine park for processing and revision. You can benefit from our comprehensive service by:

  • manufacturing of eccentric shafts, bearing, ducts, crankpins, ram, gear wheels, hydraulic components etc.
    linking parts, bronze bushing
  • crushing plates
  • hydraulic seals
  • brake and clutch linings
  • electric and electronic components
  • mechanical spare parts: by plan, sample or original purchased parts.
  • hydraulically spare parts: replacement of pumps, valves, seals, hydraulic unit.
  • electrical spare parts: modification of the control system with original components from well-known manufacturers.

Used machines

You are looking for the right used machine for demand?

Our warehouse permanently stores about 400 of mechanical and hydraulic presses on 10.000sqm storage area. We furthermore offer feeding devices such as coilers, roller levelers, feed units and coil lines. We can also compose special customized machines with accessories and service. In this case you may decide from a wide range of modernization and overhaul options.

Feel free to contact us; we will work out you the appropriate technical offer.

Modernization / general overhaul

You want to take measures to increase production standards?

Here you can find the modernization or general overhaul as a cheaper alternative compared to a new investment. We can offer you various possibilities. From preventive change of wear parts, to a completely modernization in order that increasing in quality and productivity.

We will be pleased to advise you and work out possibilities, which appropriates for you and your machine.

By means of additional control and operation opportunities e.g. SIEMENS S7, your current press could be upgraded for the upcoming years.

Marketing strategy

You only have limited knowledge in the marketing of industrial press systems and their accessories and need our assistance?

Because of our decade-long experience in conjunction with our close contact to other dealers, interested parties and the extensive know-how about machines, we advisory support you.

We create for you an individually plan and assist for the marketing of your plant.